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 Post subject: The Real Monsters
PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:57 pm 
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More than ten years have passed since a mysterious virus affecting only those over the age of 13 was released, wiping out ninety percent of humanity’s adult population. Following this catastrophe, the ancient race known as vampires emerged, enslaving most of the remaining population in cities allegedly meant to protect them. In reality, these humans essentially became a blood bank for the vampires. Outside of the walls, however, there were those who had managed to survive and to escape the clutches of the vampires.

The Japanese Imperial Demon Army is the primary military force fighting against the vampiric presence in Japan. Years of research had led to the development of weapons meant to give humanity an advantage against the vampires. Schools were set up to train young soldiers, as well as to identify those with the potential to use these new weapons. The research they had conducted went beyond this, however, and there were lesser known experiments performed on certain individuals with the seraph gene, although their goal in this was not initially known.

Now, with some of their motivations revealed, there are those who have fled from the ranks of the Imperial Demon Army, no longer believing in their cause, or believing that they cannot be trusted. Many, however, remain with the army, whether because they believe in the cause or because they simply see no better option. After all, in the end, the vampires must be defeated. To replace those that have been lost and to combat the rising tide of vampires, they are forming new squads of elite and talented youth to send to the front lines.

Do the ends justify the means? Is it really a victory for humanity if they wipe out these “monsters” at the price of their own humanity? These are the questions that have led to the formation of a separate military force, composed of many who have defected, seeking a better way to save humanity. While they are smaller than the Imperial Demon Army, they are growing in strength and numbers, and they have managed to develop their own Cursed Gears, including their own demonic series similar to the Black Demon Series used by the Imperial Demon Army. They, too, are recruiting and seeking to grow their own ranks, seeking to develop their own elite squads of talented individuals.

So, which will you choose? Do you proudly support the efforts they are making and believe wholeheartedly in the cause? Will you continue to serve alongside other soldiers to fight the vampires despite your doubts because you believe it is the best hope for humanity? Or will you choose to fight all the monsters in this world, whether they are supposedly human or vampire?

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